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Being a mum can be a task in itself – we’re not going to mislead anybody! On occasion, it very well may be intense, particularly in the present insane, occupied world. There are such countless things that you presumably underestimated during your pre-kids years – apparently basic things like making companions, going to the gym…(you … Read more

Olaplex created a 10 billion buyout bonanza

Advent International acquired Olaplex Holdings Inc. in January 2020. Leading the acquisition and in just over two years, the firm has nearly tripled its initial investment and is sitting on approximately ً 9 billion worth of shares – if it can maintain those gains. . Despite a 38% drop in Olaplex’s stock this year, the … Read more

Fashion brands make charitable contributions to Ukraine.

In the wake of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, some brands are stopping operations or sales in Russia, and many fashion brands – from luxury labels to fast fashion retailers – are also taking humanitarian measures and efforts to provide aid to Ukraine. Announcing LVMH donated € 5 million ($ 5.56 million) to the International … Read more

Item of the Week: Color FUR Coat

what’s this: The wrong fur coat often finds itself in between a fashion statement and a political message. Welcome to the market in 1929, the modern faux fur, the type we know today, was not introduced until the mid-1950s, which coincided with the creation of the acrylic polymer. While faux fur originated less sympathetically and … Read more

Frame launches denim collection that is made practically without water.

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainable and responsible behavior, the American denim brand Frame has launched a new sustainable collection called ‘Pure’ that features washing products that are practically waterproof in their production. Do not use The 10-piece pure denim collection, developed with Saitex USA, one of the cleanest denim manufacturers in the … Read more

Full Swimming Costume for Ladies

What are your thoughts when you hear the word “swimsuit”? Do you think of a Speedo, bikini or possibly even a one-piece swimsuit? Whatever type of swimwear you enjoy wearing, it is important to find something that fits comfortably and flatteringly. Swimsuits come in all different styles for both men and women. They can be … Read more

Ladies Swimwear: Choose Your Style

Choose Your Style: Ladies Swimwear Buying Ladies Swimwear can be a difficult decision because there are so many different styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something hot, cute, or comfortable, we’ve got it all! With tons of options in body types sizes and colors, you’ll always feel confident wearing your Swimwear this summer … Read more