Item of the Week: Color FUR Coat

what’s this:

The wrong fur coat often finds itself in between a fashion statement and a political message. Welcome to the market in 1929, the modern faux fur, the type we know today, was not introduced until the mid-1950s, which coincided with the creation of the acrylic polymer.

While faux fur originated less sympathetically and more than immediate production methods, the material now presents itself as a viable alternative to real fur animals, often accused of inhumane methods. Stays

Many years after its inception, faux fur coats can now be considered an important piece of clothing for outerwear, as designers begin to turn to materials rather than traditional animal-based options.

In the ongoing Fashion Week, in particular, the faux fur coat has been spotted on multiple runways, with bold color choices and exaggerated sleeves, suggesting that this piece is a must-have for the AW22 season. Will have a strong presence.

Why you would like it:

More and more, designer labels and fashion houses have cut real animal skins from their production process, the most recent being the Monkler and Caring Group, which seem to be preferred by buyers. In addition, brands are increasingly turning to more durable, eco-friendly faux fur to meet consumer demand, which has continued to contribute to the growing popularity of jacket styles in recent years.

These developments have led to the return of the faux fur coat as a pre-explored fur jacket as an animal and eco-friendly alternative.

Additionally, color pops that are very clear in all designs are further supported by color trends predicted for the coming season, including Pantone’s choice of bold, predictable a bunch of expressive colors. It is said that they are making their way to the center stage. .

Where we saw it:

This increase in popularity of bright color options was very much present on the runway of the AW22 season. A significant number of designers opted for bold colored faux fur coats, which provide a different style of play to the popular style.

Alberta Ferretti, Versace and Emporio Armani revived the faux fur coat, reminiscent of vintage-like designs with contrasting patterns, while Michael Course stuck to single, bright, colors for his exaggerated coats.

Some designers have been inspired by animals for their creations, including Yuan Wang, who created the leopard print, and Christian Seriano, who adopted the blue zebra print for his long-line coat. Blue Marine and Dolce & Gabbana were also on the wide list of faux fur coat lovers this season, each featuring exaggerated slits with bold color schemes that express their own aesthetic style. ۔

How to style it:

While the wrong fur coat is a statement in itself, the styling options can be bold, matching the charming look of the coat. To choose a bold outfit, pair the coat with a flowing, patterned midi dress and low-heeled ankle boots, whose colors are influenced by the bright color of the weasel outerwear piece.

For those who prefer trousers, choose a shirt with flares and a fitted pattern to remind you of the 70’s. If the bold path isn’t really the customer’s thing, take them to a simpler, more universal styling choice, which suggests that statement pieces can be an addition to a ‘not-out-of-the-box’ wardrobe.

A simple pair of boot-cut jeans and a layered sweater or cardigan is a simple, casual outfit for those who want to stay in their comfort zone. Another factor that is becoming increasingly prominent is accessories similar to faux fur coats, whether the same material, color or pattern. An addition to a fun style would be to combine the pieces together to give a playful look to the trend.

While false fur coats have played a role in the moral statements of the past, the trend has consolidated itself as a leading figure in the fashion world, expanding its reach beyond the political sphere in recent years. And standalone, essential clothing has seen growth.

There is no denying its place in the AW22 season, as many luxury brands have taken on a colorful look in their collections, either as a regular fixture or as a single statement piece. Colorful faux fur coat is definitely one to keep an eye on this year.

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